From One To Many.. CONNECT DIRECT Group/Private Digital 2 Way Radio...Just Push To Talk.

Homan Communications now provides Nexedge Digital Trunked Radio Coverage from Bridgeport, CT, New York City, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Delaware, and Salisbury, MD. Safe, instant voice communications with your employees even when they are driving.

Now With Extendend Coverage!

Introducing Our New Wireless Microphone!

Our exciting new device works on all our new digital radio system. Now you can talk from state to state.

Be able to talk on your mobile unit while outside your vehicle!




Manage your business with the nation's most reliable, most advanced digital radio dispatch system.

Low Prices - Digital Dispatch Radios can save your company as much as 50% compared to using cellular phones.

Less Distractions – Digital Dispatch radios end employee cell phone abuse. There is no need for drivers to take their eyes off the road. No touchscreens or texting required.

Durable Kenwood Radios – Our radios  must be able to stand the daily usage in Contruction trucks, cabs, or school buses. Kenwood radios are built to last!

Better Efficiency – Digital Dispatch Radios connect your entire team instantly & can safely be used WHILE DRIVING. Estimates show that radios can save your company over 30 mintues per driver each day.

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